About us

Who are we?

Izzo is an online retail shop offering unique, trendy and functional gadget cases and accessories ranging from camera bags, camera straps, laptop carriers to tablet totes – at affordable prices. Today, we are also creating ladies' bags that are also of the same quality as that of our gadget bags. We make sure that our products are stylish, durable, of quality and ofcourse, proudly Filipino-made!

How Izzo came out to be

Izzo started out as a consumer. The love for photography back in 2008 gave birth to the idea of having stylish accessories to go with our cameras, and eventually, with our other gadgets. Then when DSLRs became more commonplace, Izzo offered accessories which are a far departure from the 'big, black, and bulky' DSLR bags found in the market.

What is our commitment?

We make sure our consumers are happy to own cool but fully functional gadget bags at prices they can afford. New designs are released on a regular basis consistent to market trends on style, themes, etc. We make sure that our products are improved along the way – in terms of look, design and functionalities based on actual feedback from our clients.

Where are we now in the ‘map’?

We have been featured several times on fashion magazines, and editors' picks sections of newspapers and TV shows. We also got covered on television and radio. We are frequently in bazaars in Rockwell, Ayala Alabang, Fort Bonifacio and school fairs.